radiant Think specialise in Training Requirements, eLearning, and SAP Consulting.

We believe that Training designed and performed effectively will provide businesses with both short term and long term advantages, contributing to the satisfaction of staff and customers.

We can provide eLearning tools to deliver training in a cost effective manner and complement existing face to face training.

Our niche in SAP Consulting is Variant Configuration. radiant Think consultants can supplement implementation teams as well as provide support and advice on project methodology and data maintenance. Also we provide comprehensive classroom based training.

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Provide guidance on Training Requirements.

  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Learning Program Design
  • Learning Program Reviews


Specialises in SAP Variant Configuration.

  • Member of the global SAP Variant Configuration Work Group
  • Implementaion experience of VC at BHP Steel International, Martin Bright Steel, Codan, Porter Davis Homes
  • Methodologies for VC Implementations

SAP Community Group

radiant Think is an independent SAP Contractor that provides services direct to customers. We believe that many of the best SAP Consultants in the marketplace are independent SAP Contractors.

To provide customers with a better service, we are formulating a community group to bring customers and contractors together. This group will offer customers direct access to contractors, access advice, and share experiences with others. It will offer contractors the ability to showcase their experience, network with customers and contractors and still retain independence.

For further information email Phil Martin