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Phil Martin
by Phil Martin - Saturday, 28 October 2017, 12:33 PM
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Supercharge PMEVC

Hopefully, you are using Transaction PMEVC - VC Modelling Environment to maintain your VC Models.

SAP provides updates to the functionality that you may not have implemented yet in your system.   Some of these changes will make you more productive and faster in maintaining models.  That has to be a good thing.

Below is a long list of OSS Notes that can be applied to your system.  If you do not know what an OSS Note is - well it is SAPs way to apply fixes and updates to SAP systems.

In the notes that follow these will allow such things as maintaining classes and characteristics, more drag and drop, see your routings and maintain their dependencies, variant table improvements, using the full width of your monitors etc.

You may have these in place now, but there may be some on the list you may want to get your SAP system people to implement.  My list may not be complete but has most of them I think.

2233122 - Routings in the model tree of transaction PMEVC

2011952 - Improved screen layout in PMEVC

2054124 - PMEVC: Create configuration profile with template

1688548 - Maintenance and class assignment of characteristics in PMEVC

2082077 - Creating a further configuration profile in PMEVC

2180193 - Display of change states of dependencies in PMEVC

2184188 - Display of change states of constraints in PMEVC

2163281 - PMEVC: Deletion of several characteristics from a group

1848536 - PMEVC: Check for empty cells in variant table maintenance

2390906 - PMEVC: added functionality to create characteristic with template

2410424 - PMEVC: Button for deletion of all characteristics from a group

2530153 - PMEVC: Restrict F4 plant input help to plants valid for material

1658479 - Maintain multiple values in variant tables

1621104 - Paste large amount of data from clipboard – Variant Table

1625629 - Drag and drop for sorting of procedures

2061441 - Filter for multiple selection of characteristics for an interface design group

1610489 - Syntax error highlighting in dependency editor