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by Phil Martin - Monday, 19 February 2018, 2:56 PM
Anyone in the world

Some of you may know we have begun to translate our VC Essentials online, self paced course to German from English.  We have been very lucky to have Claudia Kruppel work on the translations for us. She previously worked with AICOMP and has performed translations to German for other companies.  Contact us if you need English / German translations and we can put you in touch with Claudia.

Many corporations with SAP software have global operations.  This means that many pieces of data are shared across countries with different languages.   Ideally, those users should see where possible terms and descriptions in their language.  I recently had discussions with a German company in Australia that had some localisation issues related to the global template.

In this post, I am focussing on aspects of language localisation that relate to Variant Configuration.

What happens if I log in with a different language choice.

Let us start with logging into SAP.  Most of the time we log in with the default language - in my case English.  I will compare this with logging in using German.

Logging in in German

Comparing  the initial screens shows SAP converts to German for its menus and screens.

Compare menus in English and German

What about Variant Configuration?

Now, lets move to Variant Configuration.  In this comparison, we will look at the RT_BIKE_00 model used in the VC Essentials Course and how it looks in PMEVC  Modelling Environment with an English login on the left and German on the right.

PMEVC in English and German

The English login shows the description of each object such as Constraint Nets, Constraints, Object Dependencies, Classes and characteristics.

The German login in most cases does not have a description except where I previously maintained one.  The constraint net has "Standard Constraintnetz" because I added it.  Looking on the text tab we can see the two descriptions.

Constraint net language descriptions

What happens if I maintain an object for the first time?

If I am logged in using the German language then if I maintain an object, then the description is blank and in most cases, you will need to add one.  Using,  maintaining a characteristic in transaction CT04 as an example I will show the screen.  As can be seen the description is not shown as there is not a German version.

Blank German Description

After entering the German name (I did this one with Google so if it is incorrect that is why!) the German description is now available.

German added in CT04

Back in transaction PMEVC we can now see it.

German description now visible in PMEVC

It can be a big task

As can be seen, if there are many objects and descriptions requires significant effort to maintain for the first time.  Particularly where characteristics may have many values.  The process is similar for most objects.  You will find a language tab on most objects.

That is a quick overview of how to localise to another language for Variant Configuration objects.  This provides some initial insight into localising your variant configuration models to another language.

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