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by Phil Martin - Saturday, 5 January 2019, 8:14 AM
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Fiori Navigation for AVC


SAP has been working for some time on a new Advanced Variant Configuration engine that is available in S4 HANA.  In a future blog I will explain various aspects of the new configurator - often called the AVC.  

  • Differences in functionality
  • Migration paths from classical to the AVC
  • How it is being developed
  • Good practices to modelling
  • The new configuration engine - what it is
  • etc
The purpose of this blog is to point you to a Sandbox system that was made available in January 2019.  The system has been made available by SAP in conjunction with the CWG (  The CWG is the central VC user group that has provided input to SAP for VC since the mid 90's.  

How to access the Sandbox

To access the Sandbox requires these prerequisites.

Once you are a member you can request access to the Sandbox with this link.

The access request will be reviewed and in a few days, you will receive the login details and an initial password.  For myself, the login failed and after a few attempts, I received an email to reset my password.  Once doing that via the link, my access was OK.

What is the version of S4 HANA?

The access is to an S4 HANA Cloud Version.  From what I could tell, based on where the help took me, it is version 1811.

It is all Fiori Based.  You will have access to just about everything so the Fiori launchpad is very full.  But once you find the tiles you need you can add them to your Home Group.

The number of users is limited.  When you are granted access you will have a minimum of 3 weeks of access.  When your access expires you can reapply to gain access again. If demand is high you may need to wait for access.

This cloud version is available till May 2019.

What can I do?

It is up to you what you do.  You can create your own models, you can look at other models.  But I suggest you do not change other models.  We all will want to test aspects of the AVC and when a model is changed by another person it makes the testing difficult.

For myself, I have started a basic model to test constraints initially. RT_TEST_BIKE_01.  One big change is that INFERENCES are no longer needed and if present is ignored.  It also means that you cannot control the inference direction like you can in classic mode - is that a good thing??

Being the cloud version means that the AVC configurator is your only choice.  An on-premise version allows the classic and AVC to co-exist.

The AVC is the same - but different!  In a future post I will try and summarise some of those differences, and in some cases where the functionality is still being developed.

I look forward to seeing your testing.

Phil Martin

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