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Phil Martin
by Phil Martin - Tuesday, 15 August 2017, 3:38 PM
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No training plans? - the risks

Training is something we know we should do, as it makes good sense.  It is true for variant configuration but also for most modules in SAP. 

So why is it that training that is beneficial is delayed, forgotten or sometimes not even considered?

Especially for Variant Configuration.  Why?

Variant Configuration model design depends on the skills of the modeller.  VC is a creative module that is shaped by the skill of the VC modeller.  It impacts most aspects of SAP logistics and finance.  Think about that for a moment.

Now reflect on how modellers learn VC.  Often on the job, often not by choice, and often under pressure of time and budget.  That is not a good way of learning and may not be with good practices in mind.

The risks are that models are not scaleable, maintainable, effective and efficient.

 The barriers

There are many reasons why training is not put in place for learners.

  • cost
  • availability
  • disruption to business
  • timing
  • complexity to arrange

Having been a user of VC, a modeller, a consultant and a trainer I have a good understanding of VC training.  It can be costly, it can be hard to arrange, and the disruption to the business can be a factor.  There is also a cost and risk for not having training.

Removing the training barriers

There are various training options out there for learning Variant Configuration, but not many offer what we offer.

Variant Configuration Essentials online

Our course starts with approaching VC models in a business context.  Many other courses just teach techniques with little regard to a total solution.

Our course provides guided simulations in the SAP transactions and self-guided exercises that provide a hands on experience.  Many other courses show learners by watching an instructor.

Our courses test for understanding.  Many other courses have exercises but may not be measured for success.

Our courses can be started at any time, online.  A learner can fit their learning into the usual work schedule as it is self-paced.  Many other courses require the student to be locked into 3 - 5 days of continuous training.

Our courses are cost effective when you consider the total cost of training for many courses.

Next steps - our preview course

We think we have a good offering and so we have created a preview course for VC Essentials.  The preview has the content in the full course.  Access is provided to some of the content to try out for yourself. 

Visit us at Radiant Think and register on the portal and try out the preview course.