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Phil Martin
by Phil Martin - Sunday, 14 May 2017, 12:59 PM
Anyone in the world

This article is for anyone or any business that is using or considering using the Variant Configuration module in SAP. This module allows you sell products that can be customised to the requirements of the customer while allowing the business to effectively and efficiently manage the production, supply and pricing in a dynamic way.

Over the years I have seen variant configuration implemented in various ways and have also implemented it myself. The common problem is that sometimes consultants are not as familiar with the functionality as they need to be, and as a VC modeller in the business, you may not always have the essential skills you need to build and maintain effective models.

This can make a huge difference in the type of models that are built and how well they can be updated, changed and used as products evolve.

In simple terms, you need to know how to think like a modeller and how to approach creating new models and improving existing models. This then allows you to apply the better modelling techniques. The payoff is huge, as poor modelling decisions can have costly impacts in the future.

In this video, we explain how we approach training variant configuration and the emphasis we put on the approaches.

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