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SAP VC - Kick Starter Sample


This is a sample course for SAP Variant Configuration.  

It provides a sample of lessons, a quiz and feedback.

To access this course there are two steps:

  • register on the site to get a user ID created.
  • enter the enrollment code VCDEMO when you come back to enroll in this course.

We ask you to complete a feedback on your current experience.  This helps us understand the type of students interested in learning SAP Variant Configuration by eLearning.


SAP VC - Kickstarter

Kick Start your knowledge

The SAP Variant Configuration - Kick Starter Course is designed to provide new learners  with the skills to begin creating and maintaining variant configuration models.

Experienced users may benefit from getting a different perspective on the approaches and techniques used to develop a solution.

This course starts from the ground up using a manufacturing business  scenario to teach the approaches to creating good variant configuration models.  The benefit of this course is that is does not teach techniques in isolation.  As you progress through the lessons you will find that they build on each other and provide modular approaches to the solution.

Along the way you can test your understanding and progress.